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Notices to our Neighbors

Entryway Update

The update of the Green Oaks entry and Jackson/Glade roundabout has been a priority set by the neighborhood both on our survey and at the Annual meeting in April 2014. The project has progressed to the point where we have architectural drawings and these plans have been submitted to contractors for bid.

The architecture drawings can be found on the web site , or at this link:

If you prefer to review a hard copy of the plans, these can be viewed by contacting Walter Aue at 4608 Green Oaks Drive.  As background, the Board solicited feedback from a number of neighbors throughout this process.   They have helped shape the overall project and approved the final architectural designs.

Going forward with the project will provide a significant upgrade to the neighborhood while also achieving our objectives:

·         Improved lighting on the Brook Meadows signage

·         Reduced electrical and irrigation expense

·         Enhanced visibility and “curb appeal” to Brook Meadows

For example, the project will utilize LED lights, install drip irrigation and shift to drought tolerant plants. The Brook Meadows signage at Green Oaks will be "angled" and well illuminated.

At the Annual meeting in April 2014 we indicated changes to the entrance at Green Oaks and the Glade Road/Jackson roundabout would be presented at the April 2015 meeting.   This was under the assumption it would take a year to obtain acceptable architectural plans and secure financing.

After 7 months of hard work by many folks, the Board has determined there are compelling reasons to initiate this work NOW!

1.     The architectural plans are complete (and look great!)

2.       The project has come in well below original cost projections

3.       We can pay for the project with current cash reserves – no loan required

4.       Landscape construction bid prices are considerably cheaper in winter

It is this 4th point that drives the decision to move forward with the project.  Waiting until spring will increase costs needlessly.

Given these facts, the Board has voted unanimously to move forward with the Glade Road entry and Glade/Jackson roundabout update this winter.

If you have questions or wish more information please contact the Board at   We plan to sign the contract on December 1st and begin construction shortly thereafter. 

Hopefully we’ll “see dirt flying” soon!


Annual Meeting was held at


Monday, April 25th at 7:00pm


To see the minutes of the Annual meeting click here -->  MINUTES 2016


Refreshments provided by Nancy Dennis


Board of Directors

(see BMHA BOARD link for contact information)


Craig Vaughn -- President

Carmen Ramirez -- Vice-President

John Schlachter -- Secretary

Brandi Talabock -- Treasurer

Pam De La Porte -- Director At-Large

Board of Directors Meeting Notice


It is the wish of this Board to conduct its business in a completely open fashion

 and would invite any neighbor to attend our meetings, as an observer. We do

 request that you provide advance notice of your wishes so that we can

provide you with the location of the meeting as well as make sure that we have

adequate facilities for those wishing to attend.



Also, if you would like to address the Board, please advise and let us know:

The subject matter you will address

The approximate time requested

Any special needs you may have for your presentation.


This Board is here for you. We want to hear from you. We want to know what you want us to do and accomplish.

Please address any comments, requests, advice, or information to:


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Thank you for volunteering to serve your neighborhood.

Projects that can be seen from the street, or will impact the view

of your neighbors, should be presented to the ARC -- before the project begins. 

Any changes to your property including:

Major Landscaping*

External Structural Changes

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Exterior Painting*

Driveway Resurfacing or Paving


or Other Projects that will affect the External Appearance of your Property*


* Small plantings in current beds, or structural maintenance of your property with

"like kind and color", does not need approval.

Please use the attached form and forward to:

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