Recommended Services

By popular demand, we have provided a list of vendors that other neighbors believe are worth sharing, based on their successful interactions with the vendors. 

The HOA has no affiliation whatsoever with these vendors. There is no exchange of money, goods or services between the HOA and these vendors.  The HOA has not independently verified the credentials of any listed vendor, and makes no guarantees as to the quality of a vendor’s products or services. The HOA does not endorse, recommend, or favor any of the listed vendors. It is the responsibility of each owner and resident to carefully vet potential vendors to determine if they meet the individual’s needs. The HOA is not responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from an owner or resident’s use of the list of vendors or the goods and/or services provided by such vendor. As noted, we are simply providing, at the request of many of our members, a list of vendors that other neighbors thought were worth recommending.

Click here if you would like to recommend a service that you have used and that works in the Brook Meadows area.  You must be a Brook Meadows homeowner for your entry to be published.

Detail Vendor Information

Landy Rodriguez
Lawn Maintenace


Homeowner Comments:

Landy and her family performed the lawn maintenance on our house for the previous owner, and I was glad to have them continue when we moved in. They do a great job and are really easy to work with. They have been maintaining my lawn for over two years now and are very reliable. Because of the great job they do, they have started working for other neighbors on the block.

Recommended by: Tammy Glaze    On: April 7, 2023